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    • Bunker Kolomaki Quick 1 – 4000

      Comfortable and spacious bunker. Designed to protect and provide comfort.

      Show Bunker Kolomaki Quick 1 – 4000
      Bunker Kolomaki Quick 1 – 4000
    • Kolomaki Kellari 7

      The spacious and aesthetic cellar Kellari 7 is equipped with classic stairs for a comfortable descent. Due to the partial...

      Show Kolomaki Kellari 7
      Kolomaki Kellari 7
    • Kolomaki Kellari 5

      The practical cellar Kellari 5 is designed specifically for people who think about the future. Twelve large shelves, around the...

      Show Kolomaki Kellari 5
      Kolomaki Kellari 5
    • Kolomaki Planus 8

      Good choice for a medium-sized garden and quick installation. Small volume of earthworks.

      Show Kolomaki Planus 8
      Kolomaki Planus 8

    Bunkers Kolomaki Quick

    The Kolomaki Quick Bunker is made of high-quality polypropylene that allows is safe for people even after a long period of time. Structural elements are welded using automatic and semi-automatic equipment with the tightness of the construction double-checked. Reinforcing ribs on the outside of the bunker shell increase the strength of the structure thanks to metal reinforcements integrated into the concrete.  A high-quality staircase with inclined steps allows maximum convenience in entering and using the bunker.  The bunker lid can be...

    Cellars Kolomaki Quick - for concreting

    The best-selling plastic cellar model in the Czech Republic! With its optimal size and shape, cellars are available in four versions: for underground installation, partially embedded, and integration into the house or terrain. Brief description With the modern world, it’s always convenient to find a way to cut expenses short. That’s why we must get inspiration from the past. Earth cellars or root cellars were and in many places still are a convenient and economic way to store food and...

    We are Kolomaki Pietari LTD. We produce lots of different useful items, made of identical plastic sheets: local wastewater treatment station,  cellars, caissons, sand-separators, grease traps and so on.

    Why we do what we do and why you should choose us

    Back in 2013 the wastewater treatment stations and cellars market had a room for growth (quality and service levels are meant). We want our clients and professional market participants accustomed to new quality standards, which are set by us. Apparently, we’re good at it.

    We never stop to grow up. We become better with our dealers, clients, and product. These three – are our main value. Clients enjoy themselves by using our products and by dealer maintenance. A dealer makes good wages by selling a good product. And the producer – Kolomaki Pietari LTD works for you. Your development is followed by us.

    We take care about our clients and about the environment. All our products are made of ecological materials and all our output is aimed at the saving Earth’s resources and at making life easier and more comfortable for you.