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    How did it happen that a small family-owned business in the heart of prosperous Europe began to produce bunkers and shelters? It’s both a long and a short story at the same time. Would you like to hear it?

    Almost twenty years ago, in 2003, a small family firm took up installations of underground plastic tanks – septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. Over time, the company has accumulated experience and knowledge and has grown and started to produce their own underground tanks and structures made of plastic. 

    For more than ten years, our family has already made cellars in different enterprises. The usual, traditional part of every European dwelling has started to disappear in recent years. New houses are built mostly without a basement or an underground. However, the desire of the responsible person to prepare for the unexpected and the trend towards ecological farming and food storage went in opposition to the new tendencies in construction. And let us not forget the immeasurable value of the wine cellar!

    The surge in demand for our cellars occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic: being isolated from the outside world, everyone was able to appreciate the benefit of a filled cellar!

    All these years, our clients have been asking us with a smile, can the cellar serve as a bunker, shelter or a security room? And we joked back, that it definitely can, but what for?

    We saw the persistent customers who asked us to develop large-sized cellars for security purposes as a bit weird, but went along with their requests. By this time, we had gained experience in manufacturing and installing large underground reservoirs that could have served as an excellent basis for a zombie apocalypse bunker. And so the shelters became bigger, and the models more diverse.

    That was our long story. Here’s the short story.

    Everything changed one day, on 24th of February, 2022, when the insane aggressor attacked the European state. People from different countries work together in our company. Some of our employees were within the territory of Ukraine during bombing and shelling. And in a matter of one day, the “zombie bunker” turned into a cruel necessity for them!

    It turns out we weren’t working for nothing all these years, developing and improving our underground shelters. Ready-made designs, sophisticated technical solutions, the experience of our production staff – everything went into action. 

    Today bunkers and shelters from our company are available to any European. Durable and lightweight plastic construction, fast and inexpensive delivery, quick installation at minimum cost – our contribution to the safety, life and health of your family. We are rightfully proud of our work!