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    Bunkers Kolomaki Quick

    The Kolomaki Quick Bunker is made of high-quality polypropylene that allows is safe for people even after a long period of time. Structural elements are welded using automatic and semi-automatic equipment with the tightness of the construction double-checked. Reinforcing ribs on the outside of the bunker shell increase the strength of the structure thanks to metal reinforcements integrated into the concrete. 

    A high-quality staircase with inclined steps allows maximum convenience in entering and using the bunker. 

    The bunker lid can be positioned diagonally (Quick 1), horizontally with stairs (Quick 2), vertically with stairs (Quick 3), or horizontally (Quick 4) for a suitable layout of the bunker on your property.

    The Kolomaki Quick Bunker is fully ready for installation: just place the bunker on the leveled foundation and fill the perimeter pit with concrete. Kolomaki formwork can be used to speed up installation.

    If your area has clay soil or a high water table, drain the water and pour an 8-15 cm thick reinforced concrete foundation inside the Kolomaki Quick bunker.

    Concrete secures the mechanical strength of the bunker, while plastic guarantees 100% airtightness for many years! Once the concrete has hardened, Kolomaki Bunker is ready to protect your families from any danger.