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    Bunkers Kolomaki Qube

    Classic spacious underground bunker of a common rectangular construction. Unbeatable in terms of conveniences and operation.

    Hermetically sealed underground space protected with concrete. Heavy-duty construction.
    Standard size from 8 to 21 m2. Convenient entrance in different versions. Highest degree prefabrication.
    You can choose one of the standard versions of the bunker or design your own construction on the basis of the Kolomaki Qube modules.
    You may order the basic version of the shelter as well as the model equipped with the integrated technology, furniture and additional accessories.

    Kolomaki Qube underground shelters are assembled from individual rectangular process modules. Each module has sufficiently large internal dimensions (2*2*2m) and external strengthening ribs, which make the structure robust, and are intended for the attachment of metal reinforcements.
    The modules are connected to each other hermetically at the factory or directly at the shelter installation site in case of technical requirements for that. An entrance unit is attached to residential, technical, auxiliary underground modules. The unit consists of an inclined staircase
    with comfortable steps and one of two variants of an entrance door: a horizontal or a vertical one.
    An entrance unit with a vertical door can be conveniently built into the wall of a ground structure (house, garage, etc.). A horizontal entrance is convenient for placing a bunker on ground level.
    Kolomaki Qube underground shelters are manufactured using top quality polymer sheet and modern welding equipment. The combination of virtually indestructible polymer and reinforced concrete makes the construction of the shelter not only protected, but also durable and easy to
    maintain. It does not rot, corrode, need painting or special treatment. There is no need to keep the shelter dry. Moreover, earth pressure is compensated by the supporting reinforced concrete structure.