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    Cellars Kolomaki Kellari - self-supporting

    Plastic cellars without the need for concreting.

    Own cellar,

    done in 1 day!

    In today’s uncertain times full of fears for the future of us and our children, we need to think ahead.

    What other pandemics and viruses will follow?

    How many of us will be in quarantine?

    Will there be anything to eat?

    Will there be shopping?

    You really need to think ahead and keep your own supplies on your property properly and safely!

    Having your own safe cellar full of food is a must nowadays!

    Kolomaki Kellari 5 and 7 cellars are not as expensive as conventional concrete cellar construction.

    For example, the most popular Kolomaki Kellari 7 cellar, including a “turnkey” installation, can be purchased in one day for a maximum of CZK 150,000. Kolomaki Kellari 5 comes out even cheaper.

    This is the best thing you can buy at the moment to stock up on the next quarantine!

    The easiest installation of a self-supporting cellar without a building permit is a really quick solution to our problems. We will arrange the installation “turnkey”.

    We have cellars in stock for you, you can have them in the garden tomorrow.

    A certificate for contact with food and drinking water is a matter of course in every cellar.

    The purpose of the store

    Kellari cellars are designed for use as storage space for food and liquids at a constantly low temperature, for placing technological and other equipment in an enclosed space below ground level.

    Kellari cellars are designed for installation underground.

    Product description and specifications

    The working chamber has the shape of a vertical cylinder of various diameters mounted on a flat surface. The wall of the working chamber is made of homogeneous polypropylene with a thickness of 8 mm by the butt welding method. The double-layer base of the working chamber is made of polypropylene Quatro boards and homogeneous PP boards with a total thickness of 88 mm.

    The working chamber cover is made of lightweight polypropylene with a thickness of 8-10 mm, reinforced with connecting elements. An inlet neck is installed on the overlap. The base and the overlap of the working chamber are welded to the working space by extrusion welding.

    Profiled storage shelves, tubes, vents and wine racks create an inner frame and eliminate external loads. The police and the ventilation tubes are connected to each other and to the cellar body by welding.

    The entire cellar is equipped for operation in high humidity conditions and does not require special treatment.

    The user enters the cellar using stairs made of a combination of polypropylene and aluminum steel for safe movement.

    Cutting of parts and the most important welded assemblies is performed on automatic CNC machines.


    Mass-produced cellars (Kellari) are available in several versions:

    Kolomaki Kellari 5

    Kolomaki Kellari 7

    Above-standard cellar modifications are made on request.

    The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the production products that do not damage their consumer properties.

    Products are not subject to mandatory certification.

    Cellar transport and installation

    The loading, transport and unloading of Kellari cellars must be carried out with care. Impacts during loading and unloading are not permitted. It is during transport
    allowed to have a cellar horizontally inside the car. The fixing of the cellar during transport must be done carefully, it is not allowed to use excessive force, which can lead to deformation of the product body.

    It is recommended to load and unload the cellar using a crane.

    The Kellari cellar is delivered ready, sets of interior equipment and accessories can be mounted in standard places or packed separately.


    Prepare a basic excavation of the specified dimensions. When installing standard equipment, the depth of the excavation should be 250 mm lower than the height of the cellar and 500 mm larger and longer than the base of the cellar.
    Place the cellar on a compacted and leveled base. It is recommended to pour a layer of sand under the base.
    Check that the cellar has been placed vertically in the foundation pit.
    If the cellar is installed in a location with a high groundwater level, it is recommended to use anchor plates and straps to additionally protect the equipment from surface pressure. We recommend using a set of plastic anchor plates manufactured by Kolomaki.
    Start filling the cellar with water and gradually fill it with gravel by means of compaction without mechanization until complete filling and backfilling.
    Connect the ventilation duct to the duct located on the ceiling of the cellar working chamber.
    After running out of water, wipe the interior of the cellar with a dry cloth.


    The vent pipe used must have a cross-section of at least 100 mm and must lead above the ridge of the finished cellar.

    Lifetime and warranty period for the plastic cellar:

    The service life of the plastic parts of the cellar is at least 25 years. The guaranteed service life of the cellar is 5 years from the moment of installation (in case of non-marking in the warranty book – 5 years from the moment of sale of the cellar).


    ▪ Kellari cellar is made of wear-resistant plastic, which is not prone to mold and oxidation. Cellar walls and shelves do not require special treatment.

    During operation, it is possible to clean the surfaces against contamination