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    Cellars Kolomaki Quick - for concreting

    The best-selling plastic cellar model in the Czech Republic! With its optimal size and shape, cellars are available in four versions: for underground installation, partially embedded, and integration into the house or terrain.

    Brief description

    With the modern world, it’s always convenient to find a way to cut expenses short. That’s why we must get inspiration from the past. Earth cellars or root cellars were and in many places still are a convenient and economic way to store food and drink. So our cellars Quick occupy the exact same role. They allow the owner to be self-sufficient, store fruits, vegetables and wine with no cost on electricity. 

    Kolomaki Quick is a rectangular earth cellar with a capacity of up to 13 m3 with one module and unlimited capacity when multiple modules are connected together. With 4 different types of entrances to choose from The Kolomaki Quick cellar can be installed anywhere, and fits all types of land and houses. In a hill, under a house or in flat ground our cellars will be a useful addition to your household. It provides enough room for all your essentials, while the cellar itself takes up very little space. 

    The Kolomaki Quick cellar is made of high-quality polypropylene that allows contact with food. Structural elements are welded using high-grade automatic and semi-automatic equipment with the tightness of the construction double-checked. Reinforcing ribs on the outside of the cellar’s strong vaulted shell increase the strength of the structure thanks to metal reinforcements integrated into the concrete that is poured around the structure. 

    The Kolomaki Quick cellar is fully ready for installation: just place the cellar on the levelled foundation and fill the perimeter pit with concrete. If your area has clay soil or a high water table, drain the water and pour 8-15 cm thick reinforced concrete foundation inside the Kolomaki Quick cellar.

    Concrete secures the mechanical strength of the cellar, while plastic guarantees 100% airtightness for many years! Once concrete has hardened, Kolomaki cellar is ready for use.