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    Rainwater Tanks

    According to the CZSO, the average water consumption in Czech households is on average 90 l per person per day. At the price of CZK 85 / m2 of water, the monthly amount spent on water is a significant expense for all of us. Drinking water consumption can be replaced by rainwater up to 50%. It is absolutely useless to flush toilets, wash clothes and water the garden with expensive drinking water.

    It is increasingly aware that the collection and use of rainwater will reduce financial costs, drinking water consumption and protect natural resources.

    Kolomaki presents Profi and Planus water tanks.


    PROFI is a self-supporting, professionally shaped polypropylene tank in a cylinder. Its concept is thought out in detail and is designed to meet all the needs of the customer who is interested in collecting rainwater. It is equipped with a swivel lid to prevent anything from inadvertently entering the tank during water pumping, a walk-on hatch, an inlet with holes for hoses and cables, and an integrated ladder for convenient entry into the tank.

    For better stability, it is designed for horizontal laying. The wall thickness of the cylinder is 8 mm. For greater strength, the tank is equipped with: reinforcement of the side walls on the inside and outside, cylinder reinforcement and supports. The side circular walls are 15 mm thick.


    It often happens that the installation of the tank in depth is not possible or is associated with great risk: groundwater, clay soil, boulders, etc. Plus, sometimes it is not acceptable to suffer high costs of exporting excavated soil and importing large amounts of building materials. It is for these situations that Kolomaki has developed the tanks and the sophisticated Planus installation system. A unique solution for installation at small depths with minimal costs for earthworks and soil transport.