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    Rainwater Tanks

    The average household water consumption is about 130 liters for one person per day. With a price of $3.41/ m3 of water, the monthly amount of spent money and water by all of us just amazes. Drinking water consumption can be replaced by up to 50% by rainwater. It is absolutely useless to flush toilets, wash clothes and water gardens with expensive drinking water.

    More and more people are aware that the collection and use of rainwater will reduce the cost of living, the consumption of drinking water, and will protect natural resources.

    Kolomaki Company presents the Barelli containers, which are the cheapest solution for collecting rainwater. Cheaper tank’s variant Kolo Barelli Musta is made of technical black plastic.

    Kolo Barelli Container for collecting rainwater consists of:

    1. Underground self-supporting tanks of premium plastic with a possible volume of 3, 5.5, 8, 11 m3;
    2. Hatch covers which imitate natural materials of different hues;
    3. Sufficient depth of inlet for perfect fitting of the tank underground, and fusion with the surrounding environment;
    4. Additional equipment used to install the tanks;
    5. Detailed instructions for installing and commissioning the Kolo Barelli system.