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    Booster Tank

    Booster Tank – tank + biofilter!

    Wastewater storage tank with a complete integrated system of biological and mechanical treatment and automatic discharge for flushing, technical purposes and watering.

    Wastewater reuse with state financial support of up to 50% of costs is the best news for every owner of a domestic wastewater treatment plant!

    Now every WWTP owner can collect treated water and use it again to flush toilets and irrigate the garden, thus saving tens of cubic meters of water and thousands of crowns a year and receiving financial support from the state up to 65,000 crowns!

    Kolomaki’s Booster Tank system is the easiest way to collect and use wastewater. The treatment tanks not only collect water from the treatment plant, but also improve the quality of the treatment, filter the water and, under pressure, direct it to the toilet and for irrigation.

    The main problem with reusing water after a WWTP is that the water in the WWTP is not completely treated and the cleaning result is not always stable. The water coming from the WWTP contains up to 10-15% organic impurities. As soon as the organic matter accumulates in the tank, they begin to rot without access to oxygen, which impairs the quality of the water and causes an unpleasant odor. The use of such water to flush the toilet is inappropriate, the water supply is contaminated and unpleasant odors spread in the toilet. When untreated water is used to irrigate plants, it quickly clogs water pipes and pipes and destroys filters and nozzles.

    With the Booster Tank system, all these problems are solved.

    1 / Water is stored in an underground tank of suitable volume (2 to 10 m3).
    2 / Accumulated water undergoes permanent biological and mechanical treatment – organic waste and dissolved gases are removed from the water by bio-oxidation.
    3 / Coarse mechanical impurities settle in the biofilter, which contains natural compostable materials.
    4 / Three-stage water filter at the outlet ensures perfect water purification.
    5 / Integrated automatic pump supplies water to the house and irrigation system with constant pressure.
    6 / The technology is located in an underground tank and does not take up any space in the house or technical room.
    7 / The system runs completely silently.
    8 / Thanks to the low height of the underground tank, installation is easy and can be done without construction machinery.
    9 / Integrated false algae, which increase the quality of biological treatment.
    10 / Silent inlet and siphon overflow.
    11 / Chimney type ventilation.
    12 / Control unit saving electricity.
    13 / Safety hatches, sunk into the terrain, which do not interfere anywhere.

    In order to obtain state subsidies of up to 65,000 crowns and save thousands of crowns and tens of cubic meters of water per year, you can easily purchase and install a compact Planus Booster system from Kolomaki.

    You don’t need any other pumps, filters or control systems: the system

    Booster Tank is a turnkey solution. All necessary system components are delivered to the customer and installed in a prefabricated underground tank. All you have to do is prepare a shallow excavation and install the tank without the use of concrete!

    Start saving water and money and get up to 65,000 crowns with all the work done in one day!