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Rainwater Treatment Systems

Kolo Järvi

System solution for collection, regeneration, and reuse of rainwater, sewerage water, and wastewater

The average household water consumption is about 130 liters for one person per day. With a price of $3.41/ m3 of water, the monthly amount of spent money and water by all of us just amazes. Drinking water consumption can be replaced by up to 50% by rainwater. It is absolutely useless to flush toilets, wash clothes and water gardens with expensive drinking water. More and more people are aware that the collection and use of rainwater will reduce the cost of living, the consumption of drinking water, and will protect natural resources.

Kolo Järvi System:

  1. Collects rain, pool and sewerage waters.
  2. Recovers and purifies the water, and at the same time enriches it with natural fertilizer which is suitable for grass and other ornamental and used surfaces.
  3. It regenerates the pool’s water, removes chlorine compounds and other compounds.
  4. It has a system of dirt cleaning
  5. It saturates the water with oxygen, prevents an unpleasant rotting odor.
  6. It provides water not only for garden irrigation, but also for flushing toilet and home’s laundry under the required pressure.
  7. Thanks to the unique system it does not require the professional regular service.
  8. Our station consumes a minimum amount of electricity

Water Treatment Plant Kolo Järvi consists of:

  1. Water regeneration and filtration system
  2. Underground tanks of premium plastic with a possible volume of 3, 5.5, 8, 11, 15 m3.
  3. Hatch covers which imitate natural materials of different hues.
  4. Sufficient depth of inlet for perfect fitting of the tank underground, and fusion with the surrounding environment.
  5. Detailed instructions for installing and commissioning the Kolo Järvi system.

Additional equipment used for installation:

  1. different variants of pumping and filtering equipment
  2. a shaft for the pumping equipment and thin water filtration
  3. additional attachment for the perfect placement of the tank underground and its fusion with the surrounding environment

Thanks to the beneficial state subsidy “DEŠŤOVKA”, many companies started to offer rainwater tanks.
In most cases, their offer includes the cheapest solution:

  1. a water tank,
  2. a filter basket for dirt
  3. a simple pump.

These solutions have many drawbacks though:

  1. Small size of water tank: in recent years, very dry years are poor for regular rain. Thanks to water consumption for irrigation of lawns and gardens, it is quickly depleted. If there is no rainwater in the tank, you will have to add inside the expensive drain water from the tap. It may happen that if it gets down again, it will not be enough place in the rainwater tank.
  2. Water reclamation system is absent: The water in the tank loses its quality, starts to spoil, smells, and accumulates a sediment on the bottom of the tank, which can hardly be removed.
  3. Output water is not filtered again and there is a risk of irrigation system’s clogging.
  4. It does not solve the water reuse system from swimming pools and sewage treatment plants: pool water contains a lot of chemicals and chlorine, and water from the treatment plant is often not sufficiently cleaned.
  5. The tanks are made of recyclable plastic, which significantly reduces the life of the tank.

Kolomaki company is aware of all these shortcomings and it has devoted much time to finding solutions. Designed and patented Rainwater Treatment System, Kolo Järvi, is an exactly right solution for the collection, regeneration, and reuse of rainwater and sewage water.

Collect more water!

Use water from the pool!

Convert water to fertilizer!

Do not spoil the collected water!

Water collection is the only halfway to the saving of environment. Maintaining, restoring and purifying water is the second important half.

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