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    Sand Separators

    New design of the sand separator under the wash-basin

    Important features

    • adjustable locks that press the cover to ensure that the lid closes hermetically;
    • the inlet and outlet pipes are welded to the separator corps;
    • compartments inside the case – detachable;
    • large basket for garbage with integrated laminar module – removable;
    • thickness of body walls and bulkheads – 8 mm;
    • a PP polypropylene copolymer is used.

    The use of the thin-film module allows to multiple expansion of the coating surface, and thereby reduce the volume of the sand separator, while maintaining its nominal capacity.

    Plates in the separator have an angle of inclination to the horizontal surface of 45 degrees. The space under the removable bin and laminar modules serves to accumulate sand.

    Light vegetable fibers, around the basket and the laminar module, delay, by the rounded edge, the overflow of the removable secondary partition.

    Working principle of the sand separator

    1. Wastewater, passing through the sand separator, is slowing down;
    2. Emulsified fats are transferred to a non-emulsified state and float on the surface;
    3. Large mechanical inclusions remain in the large dirt basket;
    4. Small mechanical particles are deposited at the bottom of the sand sack;

    The suspended substances are retained on the surface of the laminar module boards, and are deposited at the bottom;

    1. The partitions, in the sand trap, retain floating fats and settle mechanical dirt;
    2. The wastewater, cleaned from mechanical inclusions and fats, leaves the collection basket and is sent to the waste collector by gravity power.

    Separator maintenance

    • regular removal of sediment from the bottom of the sand trap;
    • regular removal of fat from the surface of the water in the sand trap;
    • maintenance can be done manually;
    • in the maintenance of compact sand separators under the wash-basin, it is necessary to remove manually the partition of the secondary sediment, and then remove the sediment from the sand.