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Kolo Ilma

Large-scale sewage treatment plants Kolo Ilma

The productivity of WWTP Kolo Ilma for 20-500 users is from 4 m3 to 100 m3 per day. The Kolo Ilma sewage treatment plant is designed for deep biomechanical (and biochemical) cleaning of the domestic drainages from a group of houses, hotels and hostels, public catering establishments, small settlements, etc.

Benefits of using Kolo Ilma

  • They meet the SNIP and SanPIN standards.
  • No noise and unpleasant odors.
  • Small dimensions and small areas of hygienic protection.
  • Seldom service and low operating costs.

High effectiveness of WWTP Kolo Ilma is achieved due to a number of effective solutions

Reception chambers of Kolo Ilma slow down a significant portion of organic matter, which is intensively cleaned with an activation sludge with a high concentration of enzymes. It is further agitated with simultaneous aeration.

The SBR-reactor is equipped with a cassette of tubular lamellar biofilters, which significantly increase the efficiency of biological wastewater treatment. An active sludge plays an important role in the treatment of sewage. The active sludge level is set automatically.

Modulus of thin cleaning, with a floating biofilm carrier, improves the stability of the overload process or low-load treatment plant. Separate activated sludge is pumped back to the activation process by the airlift pump, an excess of aerobically stabilized sludge then pumped back into the sludge space. Purified water is pumped by means of an airlift pump to the drainage channel. The first blower supplies the air into the thin aerobic aeration system in the activation part of the treatment plant. The second blower is used to drive an airlift pump.

External cover of electrical equipment eliminates accidental damage to compressors and control unit.

Basic Ilma Equipment

  • a body of the treatment plant
  • stationary aerators
  • removable airlifts
  • stationary degassers
  • removable submersible biofilters
  • removable laminar module
  • a set of floating bio-loading
  • external housing for electrical equipment
  • compressors (blowers) of various capacities
  • a control unit (automatic)
  • the notification system of abnormal work
  • room ventilation (for terrestrial systems)
  • Lighting (for terrestrial systems)

Additional equipment of WWTP Kolo Ilma

  • pumps for forced diversion of purified water
  • dosing system for coagulant
  • pressure sand filter
  • pressure charcoal filter
  • UV disinfection system
  • remote alert system for abnormal traffic
  • electric heating (for terrestrial systems)
  • external housing for filtration equipment

Depending on the location of the WWTP, it is possible to buy the extensions.

Service Maintenance. Ilma cleaning

Service of the WWTP Kolo Ilma may be carried out, in accordance with the instructions for use, by any person familiar with the document.

Even if repair is needed, you don’t need an expert worker. All components are sold in the closest shop in building materials, household and garden products.

The fixed sediment export period is 2 times a year. Operating costs consist of electricity costs, chemicals (if needed) and wastewater treatment services.

The lifetime of Ilma system

Operation of the WWTP The Ilma is run without operator and works in fully automatic mode. A lifetime of WWTP systems Ilma is at least 50 years old. The warranty period for electrical equipment is 2 years.