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Price list

Price list (USD without VAT)


Kolo Järvi 153200
Kolo Järvi 112835
Kolo Järvi 82590
Kolo Järvi 5,52295
Kolo Järvi 31985
Kolo Barelli 152295
Kolo Barelli Musta 151870
Kolo Barelli 111935
Kolo Barelli Musta 111510
Kolo Barelli 81575
Kolo Barelli Musta 81345
Kolo Barelli 5,51465
Kolo Barelli Musta 5,51195
Kolo Barelli 31150
Kolo Barelli Musta 3970
Set of 2 anchor sheets and a rope
Self-cleaning filter for submersible pump 135
Pump station320
Submersible pump 7 atm300
Submersible pump 4 atm180


21% – applies to businessmen, VAT payers,

15% – applicable to natural persons – non-business. If the suspended area is up to 300 m2, it is a permanently occupied property and you are not a VAT payer.