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    Active Switch 30/50 M

    Active Switch is a complete pumping system for the use of rainwater in family houses. This system includes a recyclable polyethylene tank, an automatic pump of the Active EI30 / 50 M series and an automatic three-way valve, which is mounted on the suction port of the pump.

    940 EURO (ex VAT)

    Product description

    The ACTIVE SWITCH system is designed for pumping and distributing rainwater and utility water to family houses. The unit detects when there is not enough water in the rainwater tank or in the tank supplied by the water supply, and automatically adjusts the correct operation of the system (the user will never be without water). This system is suitable for irrigation, washing machines, toilet flushing, floor cleaning systems.

    The most important feature of the Active Switch system is the preference for the use of rainwater over tap water. However, if there is rainwater in the collecting tank, the control unit switches to tap water, so the household cannot be without water.

    Attention: the water supplied by the ACTIVE SWITCH system is not drinkable.

    Technical characteristics


    Type Domestic waterworks
    Liquid Water
    Rated supply voltage (V/Hz) 220 – 240 / 50
    Maximum power consumption (W) 880
    Maximum system pressure (bar) 6
    Maximum pressure from the water supply line (bar) 4
    Minimum flow from the water main (l / min) 10
    Maximum transport height (m) 42,2
    Maximum flow (l/hod) 4 800
    Maximum height difference (m) 15
    Max. pumped liquid temperature (°C) 5 – 35
    Tank material plast PE
    Degree of protection IP 20
    Dimensions of water pipes 3 /4 “
    Dimensions of the outlet pipe  1″
    Intake manifold dimensions 1″
    Overflow dimensions DN 50
    Max. altitude 1000
    Water pH 4 – 9
    Rainwater tank level sensor ON / OFF float with 20 – m long cabel
    Weight of empty device (kg) 15
    Weight of the device in operation(kg) 30


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