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    Biofilter Rain 200

    The Kolomaki Rain 200 (Planus) biofilter is used for perfect mechanical and biological purification of rainwater.

    990 EURO (ex VAT)

    Product description

    The principle and operation of the biofilter is as follows. Rainwater drains are connected to a biofilter, where heavy dirt settles to the bottom and mechanical dirt is caught by the floating coal. The purified water then flows by gravity into the rainwater tank.

    By means of a sludge pump located at the bottom of the tank, the polluted water gets back into the biofilter, where it breaks in the upper part of the filter by a grooved sprayer, which ensures the oxygenation of the water.

    The water then flows through the wood filling (chips), which serves as a carrier for the biofilm. Natural bacteria consume organic impurities and sediments and oxidize unwanted substances. Part of the water passes through crushed limestone, which adjusts its pH.

    Through the coal, which serves as a biofilm carrier and natural filter, the water returns to the main chamber and flows back into the rain tank.

    The treated and oxygenated odorless water, containing natural bacteria, then cleans the inner surface of the tank and the filter elements of the pumps, which affects their service life and performance.

    The Kolomaki Rain 200 biofilter is 0.5 m smaller than the standard biofilter, has a square shape like the Planus tank, has an adjustable neck and an improved sand trap.


    Technical characteristics

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