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    Gardena 8800 – sludge pump

    Practical submersible slurry pump for demanding water pumping tasks.

    50 EURO (ex VAT)

    Product description

    The GARDENA 8800, a practical and robust electric pump, is ideal for draining, transporting and pumping contaminated water from rainwater tanks.
    The GARDENA Submersible Pump 8800 is designed to handle contaminated water with particles up to 25 mm in size. It is equipped with an adjustable float switch with a patented connection for continuous operation, which prevents the pump from running dry and ensures its automatic and safe operation. It has a practical carrying handle, so you can easily transport it where another difficult and muddy task awaits.
    The pump operates at a maximum immersion depth of 6 meters.

    However, you don’t just have to use this practical multi-purpose submersible pump to clean the tanks, it will also help with domestic floods, a flooded cellar or ground floor, or draining water from a pond.

    Technical characteristics


    Model Sludge pump 8800
    Power (W) 250
    Max. discharge capacity (l/h) 8 800
    Max. discharge height / pressure(m / bar) 4/0,4
    Max. immersion depth (m) 6
    Max. medium temperature (°C) 35
    The cable length(m) 10
    Power cord type H05 RNF
    Protection class IP X8

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