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    Gradena 5900/4 Inox Automatic

    Comfortable water pumping for home and garden. With automatic function.

    270 EURO (ex VAT)

    Product description

    The Gardena 5900/4 stainless steel submersible pressure pump is a powerful pump for irrigation and water supply.

    It is almost noiseless and water can be pumped without problems even from a greater depth.

    It can supply water to up to three sprinklers at the same time.
    Thanks to automatic switching, which starts the pump when water is needed and automatically stops it again when water is no longer needed, it saves both water and energy and is mandatory when supplying domestic water with domestic water. Fully automatic irrigation in combination with an irrigation computer is also possible.
    Thanks to the integrated non-return valve, water is always available very quickly. If the water pipe drips, leak detection stops the pump to prevent damage. The patented small quantity program ensures smooth operation with small sampling devices.
    It includes a 20 m long drain cable and a 15 m long connecting cable, which offers you many possibilities of use. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel casing and stainless steel connection, the pump is protected under water and also offers stability with a fixed pipe.
    If sediment builds up at the bottom of your well, you have the right solution at hand: the pump can optionally be used with a floating suction unit – a uniquely flexible solution! The pump and connection devices are protected against blockage and damage thanks to a high-volume filter that is easy to clean

    Technical characteristics

    Model Submersible pressure pump 5900/4 stainless steel automatic
    Rated power (W) 900
    Max. quantity delivered (l/h) 5 900
    Max. pumping height/pressure (m / bar) 35 / 3,5
    Max. immersion depth(m) 12
    Pump mechanics 3-degrees
    Max. temerature (°C) 35
    Weight ca. (kg) 9,3
    Dimensions (l x w x h / cm) cca 15 x 15 x 48
    Connecting cable (lenght – m / type) 15 / H07 RN-F
    Connecting thread 33,3 mm (G 1″)
    Automatic switch Yes
    Dry-running fuse Integrated
    Protection class IP X8

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