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    Kolomaki Planus 10

    Good choice for a medium-sized garden and quick installation. Small volume of earthworks.

    2 060 EURO (ex VAT)

    Total volume (l) 9700
    Recommended lawn area (až, m2) 800
    Weight (kg) 260
    Dimensions (W*L*H,mm) 2170х4170х1270

    Product description

    Kolomaki Planus 10 is made of technical polypropylene from top Czech manufacturers. The thickness of the tank walls is 15 mm, thanks to which the tank is self-supporting. In addition, its strength is ensured by HT pipes (3.4 mm thick and 110 mm in diameter), which reinforce the tank from the inside and prevent possible collapse. On the side walls outside the tank you will find reinforcements with holes for reinforcing steel in case of concreting.


    The built-in accessories for the tank are carefully thought out. It contains a standardized hatch (non-load-bearing), which is sunk into the ground. It does not interfere and its weight is not transferred to the tank, but to the surrounding clay. The tank neck is adjustable and contains a hinged lid with ingenious holes for cables and hoses. Prevents a possible fall into the tank.

    The rainwater inlet and outlet are located on the tank.

    You can order from us not only the tank itself, but also the pump, or a set of all equipment for collecting and using rainwater. We will also help with installation, transport, service, project documentation and subsidies.


    Technical characteristics


    Total volume (l) 9700
    Recommended lawn area (m2) 800
    Weight (kg) 260
    Entry (mm) 500
    Dimensions (Š*D*V,mm) 2170x4170x1270
    Ladder No
    Cover Composite
    Inner safety cover Yes
    Hole with seal for electrical cables Yes
    Hole with seal for pressure highway Yes

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    Technical Drawing – Planus 10

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