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    Kolomaki Planus 6

    Self-supporting tank for shallow excavation for a small garden. For manual irrigation of a medium-sized plot.

    1 555 EURO (ex VAT)

    Volume (l) 5860
    Recommended lawn area (m2) 400
    Weight (kg) 220
    Dimensions (W*L*H,mm) 2170х4170х770

    Product description

    Material and durability

    The new Kolomaki Planus 6 is a self-supporting Czech-made tank made of high-quality polypropylene from domestic suppliers, which is very durable and at the same time one of the hardest plastics.

    The tank is vertically reinforced with HT pipes with a diameter of 110 mm and a wall width of 3.4 mm and reinforced with ribs on the sides. The thickness of the top plate is 15 mm, so the tank cannot be damaged by the weight of the soil above it.

    If installation at a greater depth is required, the tank has holes on the sides for roxors, which are used when concreting the tank from the sides, so that the tank is not affected by lateral soil pressure.

    Due to the dimensions of the tank (lxwxh) 4 x 2 x 0.8 m, it is suitable for areas where deep excavation is not possible.


    In the case of service, the tank is easily accessible via an adjustable neck, which can be adjusted according to the height of the terrain, or extended with an extension. At the same time, there are all the necessary handles for cables, hoses and cables in the neck.

    The necessary security is provided by a lockable composite hatch, which is always at the same time as the terrain and is included in the price.

    The tank is equipped with handles that serve for easy handling when loading, folding, and settling the tank.

    You can order from us not only the tank itself, but also the pump, or a set of all equipment for collecting and using rainwater. We will also help with installation, transport, service, project documentation and subsidies.


    Technical characteristics


    Volume (l) 5860
    Recommended lawn area (m2) 400
    Weight (kg) 134
    Entry (mm) 500
    Dimensions (W*L*H,mm) 2170x4170x770
    Leddder No
    Cover Composite
    Inside safety cover Yes
    Hole with seal for electrical cables Yes
    Hole with seal for pressure highway Yes

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