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    Kolomaki Profi 8

    Large volume in a compact design.

    2 130 EURO (ex VAT)

    Total volume (l) 8290
    Recommended lawn area (m2) 600
    Weight (kg) 300
    Dimensions (W*L*H,mm) 1915х3460х2460

    Product description

    The Kolomaki Profi 8 tank allows you to collect up to 8290 l of water and is suitable for watering gardens, lawns, grasslands.


    It also has a robust construction thanks to the side walls, which are 15 mm thick, which is unique on the market for the type of these tanks. In addition, they are reinforced with eight ribs – also made of 15 mm plastic. From the inside, it is reinforced with two horizontal and two vertical struts. This tank won’t just collapse.


    The name itself suggests that the built-in accessories for the tank are carefully thought out. In addition to the walkable hatch, which is sunk into the ground so as not to interfere, there is also a hinged hatch in the neck of the tank. It contains ingenious openings for cables and hoses, but at the same time covers the neck of the tank so that nothing inadvertently falls into it. There is a welded ladder to the tank, thanks to which you can check the tank from the inside at any time. Inside the tank are all the handles you need when using a rainwater harvesting system.

    You can order from us not only the tank itself, but also the pump, or a set of all equipment for collecting and using rainwater. We will also help with  transport and subsidies.


    Technical Drawing (Kolomaki Profi 8), Installation instruction, Certificate Profi

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    Technical characteristics


    Total volume (l) 8290
    Recommended lawn area (m²) 600
    Weight (kg) 300
    Entry diameters (mm) 500
    Dimensions (W*L*H,mm)
    Ladder Yes
    Cover Composite
    Inner safety cover Yes
    Hole with seal for electrical cables Yes
    Hole with seal for pressure highway Yes

    Ke stažení:

    Technical Drawing (Kolomaki Profi 8)


    INSTALLATION Profi tanks

    Installation of Profi tanks is very simple and can be done in one day. There is no need to fill the tank with concrete, nor to prepare the concrete foundation. It is simply placed in a compacted excavation and sprinkled with gravel.


    Installation Instruction

    Technical Drawing (Kolomaki Profi 8)

    Technical Drawing of Installation (Kolomaki Profi 8)

    Technical Drawing of Installation-Ground Water (Kolomaki Profi 8)

    Certificate Kolomaki Profi




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