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    Stainless steel filter basket

    Stainless steel filter basket to catch mechanical impurities.

    140 EURO (ex VAT)

    Product description

    Rainwater is washed away from the roof by a large amount of dirt such as twigs, leaves, bird droppings, pollen, dust, etc. However, the basket of the roof gutter catches only the largest objects, as it has large gaps. Everything else then flows further into the rainwater tank, where due to these impurities, for example, the suction pipe from the pump or the screen from the pump may become clogged. For this reason, it is good to place the filter basket in the tank. We can find different types of filter baskets on the market. The vast majority of them are overpriced plastic filter baskets from China. However, the plastic body of the filter causes considerable problems, for example during cleaning, when we try to “knock” the filter on a solid surface, the plastic does not last and cracks. The service life of plastic filters is a maximum of 2 years with regular cleaning. The Český Standard filter basket is an all-stainless steel Czech product which, with its quality and robustness, ensures that it catches dirt for decades. Thanks to the pre-prepared holes for the attachment cable in the upper part of the basket, it will be easy to handle both during installation and when cleaning and placing the basket back in place. The filter basket is installed under the inlet to the tank for the extended supply line. The basket needs to be inspected and cleaned to prevent clogging.

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