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    Talletus 1,00 – 80

    A compact sand trap "under the sink" is designed to effectively protect the sewer networks from small and large mechanical contaminants.

    525 EURO (ex VAT)

    Product description


    Important Features:

    • In order to protect the sewer pipes, the Talletus sand separator has adjustable locks that hold the lid securely close to the throat, when the seal is pinched or replaced;
    • inlet and outlet branch pipes are welded to the body;
    • The basket inside the sand trap for large debris with an integrated laminar module is removable;
    • The thickness of the shell walls and partitions is 8 mm;

    The use of the thin-layer module allows to increase the deposition surface several times and, due to this, to reduce the volume of the sand catcher while maintaining its nominal capacity.

    Sheets of the laminar module have an angle of inclination to the horizontal surface of 45 degrees. The space under the removable basket and laminar modules serves to accumulate sand.

    Light vegetable fibers, past the basket and the laminar module, are delayed by the jagged edge of the overflow of the removable septum of the secondary sump of the sand catcher for sewage.


    1. Wastewater, passing through a sand trap, slows down;
    2. Emulsified fats pass into an un-emulsified state and float to the surface;
    3. Quite large mechanical inclusions remain in the basket for large contaminants;
    4. Smaller mechanical particles settle on the bottom of the sand trap;
    5. Suspended substances are retained on the surface of the plates of the laminar module and settle on the bottom of the sand trap;
    6. The partitions inside the sand trap detain the floating fats and settled mechanical impurities;
    7. Cleaned from mechanical inclusions and fats, wastewater leaves the sand catcher and is guided from the sand trap to the sewer by gravity.

    Technical characteristics

    Productivity (liters/sec) 0,28
    Productivity (m3/hour) 1
    Peak reset (liters) 80
    Length 520
    Width 470
    Height 420
    Thickness of the shell material 8
    Diameter of branch pipes 50
    Shell material food polypropylene
    Weight 20



    • Periodic removal of sediment from the bottom of the sand trap;
    • Periodic removal of fat from the water surface in a sand trap;
    • Maintenance of compact sand separators can be done manually, maintenance of large sand separators – with the help of special equipment – sludge-pumps;
    • When servicing compact sand trap “under the sink” it is necessary to manually remove the septum of the secondary sump, remove the sediment from the separator body.



    When installing the sand separator under the sink or next to it, it is necessary to choose a place in which it will be convenient to open the lid of the product for its subsequent cleaning.

    Place the housing on a flat surface. Connect the drain from the sink to the inlet branch pipe. Connect the outlet branch pipe of the sand trap to the point of water discharge into the sewer. For connection, use faucet sewer pipes with socket connections or flexible corrugated piping.

    Before use, fill the sand trap with clean water.

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