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    VARIOcomp 5 K

    Home wastewater treatment plant suitable for 3 - 7 people.

    1 600 EURO (ex VAT)

    Product description

    The innovative VARIOcomp 5K wastewater treatment plant is ideal for treating sewage from family houses inhabiting 3-7 people (it can also handle a two-generation family house). The AS-VARIOcomp 5K WWTP has minimal operator requirements (just plug it in) and low operating costs (the technological solution is based on operation with minimal energy consumption). Thanks to the unique arrangement of the elements in the cleaner, there is no need to regulate or adjust anything, which minimizes the risk of incorrect settings and the cleaning process works stably and reliably.

    The price includes a complete cleaner (including a blower), which can be used immediately after installation.

    This technology uses aerobic biological processes, which are proven in practice by long-term operation. The primary sludge part is closed by an airtight cover and the other parts are aerated, so there is no rot and the WWTP does not stink. You don’t even have to worry about using detergents (as with other cleaners), because thanks to the enlarged primary sludge part, they are diluted and ventilated and thus do not get directly to the active microorganisms.

    You can discharge the treated water into surface waters (stream or river), into a unified sewerage system without a central treatment plant, and into groundwater.

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