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    About us

    For several years our company is focusing on products which are made of plastic sheets. Different things arise from the same plastic sheets: local wastewater treatment station,  cellars, caissons, sand-separators, grease traps, etc.

    How do we produce these items?

    The production process is quite usual, except for our best efforts to automate most of the manufacturing processes to minimize the biasing effects. Certainly, we feature the finest professionals. Certainly, we monitor the production quality. And certainly, we care about our produce appearance.

    Why do we produce them?

    To make wastewater treatment process less problematic for the final consumer, to minimize their expenditures. We produce our extraordinary cellars to make final customers happy for decades. We do it make our dealers be proud of the products they sell.

    Why did we start to produce our products in Czech Republic?

    Because we are able to create strong brands and a fantastic business network, what we have already done in other countries. We are flexible to the wishes of our partners and customers. We can change anything in our products, but only on the condition that the resulting product improves. Just remember that we will never reduce the price of the product if it means the detriment of quality.

    Join us, you will be enchanted.