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    At Kolomaki we focus on the manufacturing of products from high-quality eco-polypropylene sheets. We manufacture, for example, rainwater tanks, sewage treatment plants, cellars, bunkers, sand separators, grease separators, etc.

    How does Kolomaki make our cellars and tanks?

    By cutting polypropylene sheets on CNC machines and welding them together. We try to make the production process as automated as possible and thus reduce the number of errors to a minimum. We focus on the quality and appearance of the product.

    Why do we make it?

    For you. To make your life more pleasant and contribute to making it easier and more luxurious. Don’t have a house with a basement? Does not matter. We have a handy prefab underground cellar for you, which will make you happy for years. Is there no water for watering? We have ecological water tanks for you, in which you can catch rainwater and your lawn will always be green. We listen to the customer’s needs and constantly improve our products.

    Why do we use polypropylene?

    Polypropylene is a perfect material for our products.

    • Complete impermeability – Unlike concrete or metal constructions, polypropylene products will stay airtight for a century. Polypropylene isn’t affected by corrosion or erosion.
    • Polypropylene is comparably stronger than polyethylene. For example, cellars made from polyethylene require a metal frame inside to keep them from deforming. Our Kellari cellars use polypropylene shelves as such frame making the structure 100% polypropylene.
    • Polypropylene is maintenance free. Unlike metal it will not corrode and doesn’t need painting. It will not rot like wood and doesn’t need any protective coating. On top of that it’s completely food-safe. It can come in contact with food with 0 effect on it and it doesn’t release any fumes like, for example fibreglass.
    • Polypropylene is incredibly easy to work with. Extrusion welding is used to produce our cellars Kellari. Thanks to this method, polypropylene can be easily modified and equipped with anything. And all this without loosing strength. Unlike concrete which can’t be modified and looses airtightness even quicker if anything is screwed onto its walls, anything can be welded and screwed on to polypropylene with no loss of strength. And unlike metal, the seam doesn’t weaken the structure as re-welded polypropylene is as strong as its original form.
    • Low weight. Structures as big as cellars or bunkers are quite heavy and would be difficult to transport. However, producing a cellar from polypropylene reduces its weigh and makes transportation, loading and construction easier.

    Read more about benefits of polypropylene here.

    Why Kolomaki bunkers?

    We do our best to help every person to be ready for the future. No matter what happens, we want everyone to have access to a safe shelter to save themselves and their families. With our Kolomaki Quick bunkers, such a shelter is accessible at a fair price and quickly for anyone with a garden.

    Why did Kolomaki start this production in Europe?

    Because we can create a strong brand and a fantastic business network. We listen to the wishes of our partners and customers. We can change anything in our products, but only on the condition that the resulting product will improve. We will never reduce the price of a product at the expense of quality!

    Join us!

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    Export Manager:

    Oleg Angerwaks


    +420 777 899 323

    Managing Director:

    Anton Angervaks



    +420 777 072 100

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    Kolomaki Ltd.

    Headquarters, production facility: Komenského 576, Zlonice 273 71

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    Tax ID: CZ6142974

    Guided by the Municipal Court in Prague under the trademark C 276598

    Phone: +420 777 899 323

    Dealer information

    Did you find our products interesting? Are you interested in distributing them to your own clients? Perfect. This section is for you. Our dealers are our fundamental value. All we do is just producing remarkable cellars, reliable wastewater treatment stations and other useful units. And as for dealers – they help final customers with their final choice, deliver, install and maintain the equipment. Our work is pointless without dealers. Without dealers – clients won’t be able to tell us “Thank you, Kolomaki!”.

    We are happy to share information, organize trainings and education sessions, help with the advertisement and even implement changes in our product construction by your requests. Explore our website, find the products that interest you. And feel free to contact us with any questions!

    Oleg Angervaks

    Email –

    Tel – +420 777 899 323